Welcome to our Laboratory!

Here at xentientLABS, we offer comprehensive, innovative services that create immediate value for our customers.
We specialize in rapidly designing, developing, and deploying custom software ... from prototype development to complete project life cycle management, from website design to natively-compiled desktop software and mobile apps.
We can also assist your business by rapidly planning, designing and managing your graphic arts needs ... such as multimedia production, data visualization, creative graphic design, videography, photography, and promotional materials.
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Rapid Software Development

We deliver a complete range of custom application support services at fast delivery speed.  We take pride in our rapid collaborative approach and proven techniques aimed at defining, developing and delivering mobile, desktop, and server applications, as well as websites and e-business application tools, all within compressed delivery schedules.


Specialized Business Services

Our software development and business support services include: documentation, strategic consulting, prototype development, advanced programming, conversion, testing and validation, disaster recovery, physical security, information security, content management, in-house training, and digital archival.

Graphic Arts

Graphic Design and Support

Our computer graphics services include: planning, designing, and managing the production of computerized visual communication, data visualization, creative graphic design, photo imagery, website design, and multimedia production.

We're here to solve your software problems

Do you have a need for a custom-made software application?
Do you have an idea for a mobile app for your business?
Is your old business software in need of a mobile interface?
Does your website need a facelift to be usable on smartphones?
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Want to know more about our software development capabilities?

True Native Cross-platform Programming

We can write software for Microsoft Windows (32 and 64-bit), Mac OS X, both Android and iOS smartphones/tablets, and wearable devices (such as Google Glass).

Our software is not web-based or hybrid code, but high performance, multi-device, compiled native applications that deliver the best user experience with no scripting languages or virtual machines getting in the way of performance.


Multiple Database Systems

Our software can connect to most databases in the market today, so you can use your existing data sources within your new custom applications ... no need to migrate your data into whatever database system the competition wants you to use.

The following is just a sample of the databases we can support:


Cloud-based Services

Our software is designed for the future of cloud computing.   We can write software to take advantage of a wide variety of the latest cloud-based services.

We can support any of the following services:


Responsive Web Design

We can create a new website (or redesign your existing one) to be fully compliant with the latest internet standards, while providing your users with a fully responsive website that is usable with any desktop browser, smartphone, or tablet.   In fact, this website is an example of a responsive web design!


We're here to solve your graphic arts needs

Does your company need affordable Graphic Art support?
Is your company using the right promotional materials?
Can your critical business presentation use a professional touch?
Does your website need a facelift to be usable on smartphones?
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Want to know more about our graphic design capabilities?

Quality Graphics

Our graphic artists can create some of the most awe inspiring and unique digital art that will benefit your company and help promote your products, services or events.   We support all of the common commercial and consumer-grade graphical formats, both vector and bitmap.

Photography and videography

Our graphic artists are also skilled photographers, capable of taking professional still images of your products or events ... great for electronic catalogs and information kiosks.   We also provide video production services to help you put streaming video content onto the web to help promote your services, products, or special events.

Promotional and Marketing Products

We can design and deliver top-quality promotional items, such as banners, posters, brochures, flyers, rack cards, magnets, business cards, decals, signs, clothing, bags, postcards, decorations, and corporate gifts and promotional "swag"

Download our latest catalog.   The order form can be downloaded here

Data Visualization and Infographics

Let us combine both our software development and graphic arts talents to create some of the most breath-taking visualization graphics with your data.   We can create incredible graphs and charts that give you a visual perception of your organization's productivity, sales, customer satisfaction, quotas, and other data analytical tasks.

What separates us from the competition?

We create software for multiple computer platforms & databases.
Our collaborative system keeps you updated of our progress.
We use your existing infrastructure and digital assets to keep your costs down!
We bring over 30 years experience in the IT and Graphic Arts industries!
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We are a veteran-owned business

Relevant NAICS Codes: 511210, 541511, 541512, 541519, 541430, 611420, 611430, and 611699